HIV Positive Singles: How To Find Dates In a Safe and Healthy Way

AIDS has always been concern topic. Although  people are continuing to fight against HIV/AIDS , there is still  no  a definite and complete cure. It has many  ways to spread the virus such as saliva, blood, sex and mother-to-child transmission approaches and so on.  So people is particularly frightened when they know someone around them has this disease.  In fact, there are many the confusion and misconception over how AIDS is transmitted.  If you are diagnose HIV positive, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have love and sex life.  Read our tips on how to find dates and love for HIV positive singles in a safe and healthy way.

1.Be who you are

No one can understand the feeling of abandoned by the whole world if you was diagnosed as HIV Positive.  Many people choose to stay away from friends and family,  be alone to bear that lonely and fear. After all, there is too much stigma towards HIV positive so that they reject any dating and relationships.  If you have HIV positive,  you should adjust yourself within the shortest time, and then gather information on all aspects of your condition. It can help you to understand your health condition and how to seek help in a medical emergency. You are not alone, millions of  people with HIV in the same boat. But more and more HIV positive singles are encouraged to find love again.  Internet site like,  it provides the best dating opportunities to help single with HIV positive find the confidence of dating and live with.

2.Understand transmission of HIV infection

When you are diagnosed  HIV positive, It is nature to refuse to find dates because of fearing  the insecurities,  but It doesn’t means  you can’t find a healthy relationship. The first thing you should know  the most common ways for the transmission of HIV infection such as blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk from the HIV-infected. However, those particular fluids must come into contact with the mucous membrane,  a damaged tissue or be injected directly into the blood stream for the infection to transmission of HIV to take place. Once you know how to avoid those conditions, and take protective measures.  HIV positive  dating could be safe.

3. Go to dating community.

If you want to get rid of loneliness and look for someone love again,  you can try some famous HIV dating sites that specifically for singles who are HIV positive. Where you can find many fun and attractive HIV positive singles to chat, meet and dates.  There are many inspiring stories to encourage  people with H find the confidence of finding dates again. Of course, you can also join local HIV support group to find someone who understand you.

4.Find common interests.

It is much easier to find love  if you find someone who has the common interest. When you have HIV positive,  you can spend some time developing more interests or having a health and active lifestyle such as going to the gym, learning health eat or trying  adventure activities like bungee jumping or rock climbing.  It can help you attract someone who love the same lifestyle. When you do something enjoyable together, you are easier to get to know each other.

5. Go into volunteers service

Volunteering for an AIDS organization or a gay community or health center is a great way to meet other HIV positive women and  men. This is a meaningful work  to improve others HIV awareness and encourage people to get educated and tested. When you find something meaningful to do together when you dating later,  it is  very memorial and interesting.

6. Be honest to your partner

It may be exciting when you find love again. However, it is difficult to talk about your health condition. You can choose a right chance to tell your partner, so he/she can make up his/her own mind as to whether he/she is willing to take the risk. If your partner decide to leave, you don’t need to waste time. If your partners  are willing to take risk,  It is important to make sure you always practice safe sex.



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